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CITGO Premium Lithium EP Greases are particularly adaptable for centralized lubrication systems and for bulk handling systems, both for bulk truck delivery and portable containers. They are approved under Chrysler Specification MS-3701 and Cincinnati Lamb P-64/P-72. NLGI Grades 1 and 2 meet the ASTMD4950 requirements for Chassis Grease Category LB.

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Based on metal complex thickener, Beruplex LI EP 2 is a long term lubricating grease for applications exposed to high and shock loads. This high performance multipurpose grease has very good corrosion protection property as well as provides wear protection to contacting frictional surfaces.

Dow MOLYKOTE™ BR2-Plus Multi-Purpose E.P. Grease Black 400 .

Dow MOLYKOTE™ BR2-Plus High Performance Grease consists of solid lubricants, mineral oil, lithium soap, and an EP additive. It is used for metal to metal applications that have medium to high loads and slow to fast movements. It is recommended for ball and socket joints, threaded spindles, sliding guides, and roller bearings.

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Eaton® Lubricants Now you can buy Eaton lube directly from Eaton Starting in December, 2016, you can order Eaton Branded lubricant directly from Eaton. Simply log on and order with your credit card. ... EP-2 Multipurpose Grease (10) 14-oz tubes 5564550-M10 $ 96.54

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Shop Total USA ZENIPLEX2 14OZ at Applied.com, which includes; 14 oz Cartridge, NLGI 2, High Performance EP Grease, Aluminum Complex, Water Resistant.

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Multipurpose Grease EP-2. Eaton® Grease EP-2 is a multi purpose, high performance NLGI Grade 2 lithium-complex grease for a variety of uses for both on and off road applications, where the use of conventional lithium grease is limited. It is recommended for lubrication of U-joints, tripod CV joints, drive shafts, release bearings in clutches ...

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Shell Gadus S3 Grease V220C 2 400G #SHE550027558 Shell Gadus is a comprehensive family of greases designed to meet your needs. The Gadus ranges include multipurpose greases that are designed to help simplify your product inventory, as well as speciality greases, including advanced polyurea synthetic products designed for the most severe extreme ...

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Shell Gadus S2 A320 2 Voorheen Rhodina Grease EP (LF) 2 'EP' smeervet voor zeer natte omstandigheden. Belangrijkste toepassingen van Shell Gadus S2 A320 2 zijn: + Glijlagers die onder zware omstandigheden in de ·aanwezigheid van water werken. + ·Schroefaskokerlagers, kranen, davits, lieren, ankerlier.

Graisse tout usage Eaton (TCSL0003F

Title: Graisse tout usage Eaton (TCSL0003FR) Subject: La graisse tout usage Eaton est un complexe au lithium de grade NLGI 2 de haute performance qui convient à de multiples applications routières et tout terrain pour lesquelles la graisse au lithium conventionnelle est insuffisante.


SUNOCO AMBER LITHIUM EP GREASE is a versatile, general-purpose grease recommended for use in applications where operating temperatures are between 30 -° and 225° and loads are less severe. SUNOCO AMBER LITHIUM EP GREASE is an extreme pressure, multipurpose, lithium grease developed for use in a wide variety of industrial and automotive ...

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Roadranger GREASE EP-2 Revision date : 2011/06/20 Page: 5/6 Version: 1.0 (30539232/SDU_GEN_US/EN) 13. Disposal considerations Waste disposal of product: All recovered material should be packaged, labeled, transported, and disposed or reclaimed in conformance with applicable laws and regulations and in conformance with good engineering practices ...

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a premium, full EP multipurpose grease for use in high temperature and EP lubrication applications in general manufacturing, fleet, power generation, metals, mining, construction Aichelin Dexter Axle

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“Eaton PS-386 Heavy-Duty Synthetic Transmission fluid, Eaton PS-278 Synthetic Transmission fluid for medium-duty Eaton Procision transmissions, and Eaton EP-2 Multi-purpose grease have been ...

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Multipurpose Grease EP-2 In promoting component reliability and longevity, proper lubrication is the key to a sound and effective maintenance program. Without effective lubricants at proper levels and temperatures, remaining maintenance procedures will not keep components functional.

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Grease EP-2 Data Sheet Eaton Multipurpose Grease is a high performance NLGI Grade 2 lithium-complex grease for a variety of uses for both on and off road applications, where the use of conventional lithium grease is limited. (TCSL0003) 4/10/2016 124 KB TCSL0003 : Graisse tout usage ...

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Lucas grease guns provide the same level of quality and value that you have come to expect from the Lucas Oil Brand. The grease guns provide a combination of strength, versatility, and innovation that have made Lucas Oil a leader in the automotive industry.

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DANA LUBRICANTS FACTORY LLC (www.danalubes.com) is biggest manufacturer and supplier for Base Oil , Automotive Lubricant Engine Oil and Grease in UAEWe are A Division of DANA Group & are also an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company. Grease of all Types are manufactured in our UAE plant – Calcium Grease , Calcium Multipurpose Grease , Calcium MP 2 Grease , Calcium MP 3 Grease , Lithium ...

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product list - Eagle Fuels. Download PDF . 16 downloads 47 Views 565KB Size Report. Comment. ... Std Duty Moly Fortified Multipurpose Grease Min 2 0.45 19580025 RENOLIT LXMO 2 Std Duty Moly Fortified Multipurpose Grease Min 2 ... RENOLIT EP 2 Std Duty Chassis Grease Min 2 2.50 1957020 RENOLIT EP 2 Std Duty Chassis Grease Min 2 20

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- MULTIS EP 2 is a true multi purpose grease, formulated for lubrication of loaded slide-, ball-, and roller-bearings, wheel bearings, universal joints, chassis, and various shock loaded or vibrating applications in transport, agriculture and off road equipment, operating in wet, dusty and/or dry