Cast Iron Pumps / Motors

Within the supply of gear pumps, ML Oleodinamica can offer two lines of cast iron pumps and motors:

Choice of using cast iron for production of bodies, flanges and back covers of MLG lines, stems from the awareness that compared with normal pumps manufactured in aluminum, those entirely made of cast iron allow to achieve a far better performance in addition to a significant noise reduction. Such pumps are in fact able to withstand extremely high pressures for long periods of time, keeping constant the volumetric efficiency even at high operating temperatures.

MLG pumps and motors are therefore preferable for heavy duty applications or where, under standard working conditions, is required an outstanding reliability, long life and superior performance compared to traditional aluminum pumps.

Le pompe MLG WHITE. gruppi 2-2.5, sono disponibili in un’ampia gamma di cilindrate, fino ad un massimo di 42,8 cm³/giro per pompe del gruppo 2,5 raggiungendo un valore massimo di pressione pari a 350 bar. MLG WHITE pumps, group 2-2.5, are available in a wide range of displacements, up to a maximum of 42.8 cm³/rev. for pumps of group 2.5 and capable to reach a maximum pressure value of 350 bar.

As alternative to MLG WHITE, MLG BLACK line has smaller sizes but always used with operating pressure higher than traditional cases where aluminum pumps are used, due to the better mechanical performance of cast iron compare to the aluminum. MLG BLACK line keeps the complete interchangeability with the competitors’ aluminum or cast iron pumps

The offered range of MLG pumps is complete and suitable for any application. This is possible thanks to the many types of flanges, available in different versions ("European Standard", "Shaped Standard", Shaped with German unification" and "SAE A"), and shafts (tapered, cylindrical, grooved and milled). In addition to that, for expanding the versatility of our range, we offer different types of inlet/outlet ports.

The catalog has been created by giving complete information on different types of pumps defined with a code by identifying:

  1. 1. Group,
  2. 2. Displacement / Flow
  3. 3. Front Flange / Back Cover
  4. 4. Inlet / Outlet Ports,
  5. 5. Type of Shaft,
  6. 6. Type of Pump: Single, Double or Triple.

With the MLG WHITE & BLACK pumps it is always possible to change the rotation wise through the simple inversion of the gears (reversible pumps); in the order, however, it is always necessary to specify the rotation wise: Right (clockwise) or Left (anticlockwise).

Our technicians are at your disposal for any kind of technical information or for any special request about product customization. ML Oleodinamica is in fact available to implement non-standard products or to customize any catalog product according to different needs.