About Us

ML Oleodinamica is a company active for several years in the hydraulic field and focused in the provision of products and components for hydraulic systems.ML was born and developed thanks to many years of product development and manufacturing expertise of hydraulic pumps and motors in cast iron and then to the service expansion to the customers by offering :

All stages of machining, dimensional inspection , assembly , painting and certification of performance at 100% on a test bench, are made in Italy by highly qualified personnel, in accordance with strict quality protocols. This choice, a cornerstone of our corporate philosophy, combined with the ability to develop research and development expertise, allows us to certify the real MADE IN ITALY for the entire range of the offered products.

In confirmation of how important it is for ML Hydraulics quality of its products, the whole product development and manufacturing process are guided by high standards able to ensure over time the reliability and the best performance. It is due to this policy that every day ML Oleodinamica is rewarded by the trust of a growing number of customers. ML Oleodinamica offers to her customers a special service for the implementation of non-standard and special products or for the customization of product listed in the catalog.

Capable to guarantee over time the best performance and reliability. Activities such as:

are the core elements of our development process allowing us to meet the market increasing demand. It is because of this policy that every day we are honored by the trust of a growing number of customers

Our Products

Cast Iron Pumps / Motors

Choice of using cast iron for production of bodies, flanges and back covers of MLG lines, stems from the awareness that compared with normal pumps manufactured in aluminum, those entirely made of cast iron allow..

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Aluminum Pumps / Motors

Gear Pumps today available in three (3) groups GP1K,GP2K,GP2.5K with displacement ranging from 1 to 45 CC.Gear motors are available only for group 2 with displacement ranging from 6.3 to 24.8 cc.All multiple..

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Hydraulic Cylinders

As part of the offer of hydraulic cylinders, ML Oleodinamica and able to offer two different types of cylinders can cover the pit 'disparate applications and requests from the market.MLC BLU -Not welded cylinders...

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Hydraulic Valves

A hydraulic valve properly directs the flow of a liquid medium, usually oil, through your hydraulic system. The direction of the oil flow is determined by the position of a spool. A hydraulic system can only function..

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