• Focus on Customers

    The relationship with the customer, always seen not as the recipient of our products but the engine of our growth, is absolutely the center of all our business process. The development of new products, the service, the guarantee of quality and reliability, full transparency / honesty with all our customers are all elements that create value for our customers through the spirit of cooperation and a durable trust.

  • Innovation

    The push toward the future, toward new technological solutions, is our value. Innovation in our products is the reason for our growth, the needs of our customers are to us the direction of the innovation; creativity of our people is the tool for the problems solution.

  • Quality / eliability

    Innovating for ML Oleodinamica means to stay ahead but at the same time also means not giving up on an uncompromising quality, attention to detail, continuous improvement, validation of all products through rigorous tests on bench and on the field that distinguishe not only our technology, but each of us.

  • Transparency / Honesty

    The relationship with all our customers is based on total honesty and transparency in the actions, in the words and in all our activities. We want to be partners in our customers’ growth not only with our products but also our behavior. As a partner of the trust placed in us must be based on non-negotiable honesty with our customers, our employees and suppliers.

  • Team Working

    We share the same tasks in generating solutions for our customers through the contribution of each member of the team. We believe in each individual, we believe in cultural diversity, but we also believe that only together we can achieve goals that would be impossible if alone.

  • Environment

    Respect for the environment is a permanent condition that characterizes all of our activities and processes, optimizing resource requirements and reducing waste.

  • Service

    Assistance, on-time delivery, reliable promises, responsiveness to the needs are the core value of our service approach.

Our Products

Cast Iron Pumps / Motors

Choice of using cast iron for production of bodies, flanges and back covers of MLG lines, stems from the awareness that compared with normal pumps manufactured in aluminum, those entirely made of cast iron allow..

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Aluminum Pumps / Motors

Gear Pumps today available in three (3) groups GP1K,GP2K,GP2.5K with displacement ranging from 1 to 45 CC.Gear motors are available only for group 2 with displacement ranging from 6.3 to 24.8 cc.All multiple..

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Hydraulic Cylinders

As part of the offer of hydraulic cylinders, ML Oleodinamica and able to offer two different types of cylinders can cover the pit 'disparate applications and requests from the market.MLC BLU -Not welded cylinders...

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Hydraulic Valves

A hydraulic valve properly directs the flow of a liquid medium, usually oil, through your hydraulic system. The direction of the oil flow is determined by the position of a spool. A hydraulic system can only function..

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