Hydraulic Cylinders

As part of the offer of hydraulic cylinders, ML Oleodinamica and able to offer two different types of cylinders can cover the pit 'disparate applications and requests from the market

The cylinders GREEN MLC represent, including all hydraulic actuators (cylinders) made by ML Hydraulic, Common pia choice in terms of working pressures and areas of use. The high standardization of components obtained through a careful design to cost and standardization of technological processes, without prejudice to the quality of processes and materials make the MLC GREEN cylinder a reliable and durable components in all situations of use. The cylinders MLC GREEN lining the obvious choice when the pia cheapness becomes it fundamental criterion in the choice of cylinder.

Both series have the Possibility of combining pia elements creating different types of cylinders usable for any type of application. This is possible in particular for the series MLC BLUE thanks to the multiple types of stems, stem and ends of different configuration, further extending the versatility of our range, the availability of different types of attacks per cylinder and rod attacks.

For cylinders MLC BLUE able different series are available to ensure a wide range of applications with variable pressure from 160bar to 400bar and how even up to 1000mm.
1. ISO Series: suitable for general applications with working pressures equal to 160bar, guide rod bronze, the stem ends in 3 versions, various mounting modality and braking distance running adjustable.
2. SPI series: suitable for general use, pious heavy (200 bar) than the ISO standard, and with the same construction characteristics and of similar use to the ISO series but without the braking of the way down.
3. TS series: heavy duty up to 350bar constructed with a steel jacket thickness high and sealing gaskets for high pressure; Driving bronze rod B 14, rod ends in 2 versions and fixing modality through threaded holes of warheads. The available races They vary from a few millimeters up to 500 and do not have-of-stroke braking.
4. AP Series: suited for heavy duty but with higher operating pressures, the TS series, maximum values equal to 400bar, and with the same constructional characteristics and use Similar to the TS series and with adjustable stroke full braking.
5. BH series: Short stroke hydraulic cylinders used for working pressures higher than the standard ISO (max 300 bar) with reduced dimensions. Possibility of construction with magnetic position interior and use the projecting rod option.
6. Serie SPECIAL: Totally custom hydraulic cylinders, designed on the basis of technical specifications provided by the customer and implemented in accordance with the necessity of a specific use and / or conditions of use.