ML Oleodinamica For Sustainability

ML Oleodinamica aims to ensure the right balance between competitiveness, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. A sustainable and ethical behavior is essential for the construction of an economic development model based on respect for natural resources and of an awareness for the environment. In addition to the values of environmental protection, it becomes important the respect for the individual the openness to cultural diversity , both engines of continuous company renewal.

As a first step ML Oleodinamica has decided to adhere to the Chart for the sustainability drawn up by Confindustria using the principles, provided as a guide to the definition of business processes, for the implementation of our products in a responsible and efficient use of resources both internally and throughout the chain of our employees / suppliers. All our products have been designed for the best performances and built minimizing the environmental impact with less waste and more careful use of natural resources.

Our Products

Cast Iron Pumps / Motors

Choice of using cast iron for production of bodies, flanges and back covers of MLG lines, stems from the awareness that compared with normal pumps manufactured in aluminum, those entirely made of cast iron allow..

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Aluminum Pumps / Motors

Gear Pumps today available in three (3) groups GP1K,GP2K,GP2.5K with displacement ranging from 1 to 45 CC.Gear motors are available only for group 2 with displacement ranging from 6.3 to 24.8 cc.All multiple..

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Hydraulic Cylinders

As part of the offer of hydraulic cylinders, ML Oleodinamica and able to offer two different types of cylinders can cover the pit 'disparate applications and requests from the market.MLC BLU -Not welded cylinders...

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Hydraulic Valves

A hydraulic valve properly directs the flow of a liquid medium, usually oil, through your hydraulic system. The direction of the oil flow is determined by the position of a spool. A hydraulic system can only function..

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